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"'I think I wanted to show that the world is not some big, scary place, but in fact is full of people who want to help you'"

-Graham Hughes



In a world where we are surrounded by technology [most of our students] know nothing about how those things work.

We dissemble something — we don’t know what’s inside. We look around — we don’t know how things work, it’s all magical. And it’s amazing that school is not doing more to teach us about how to understand science, how to understand technology, how to understand what’s around us.

…You can’t teach sports unless you have a gym. And it’s the same idea for the 21st-century skills we want to teach kids: innovation, creativity, critical thinking, deep understanding of science and technology. If you don’t have a place to teach these skills, you can’t really do a good job.

[So we build labs with] 3D printers, laser cutters, robotics, science equipment, sensors, all sorts of construction and science materials for kids to build projects, build inventions…

[A student] spent six months [in one of our labs] building [an invention of her own design … this changed the way she looked at the world — not looking at technology as something magical, but looking at technology and science as a tool to improve the lives of others.

Professor Paulo Blikstein’s discusses FabLab@School, a program to build kid-friendly fabrication labs in schools around the world, during his TEDxManhattanBeach talk, "A school for makers." (via tedx)
Presented At Eastern Connecticut State University

As a part of Connecticut Students for A Dream, I was asked to participate in a presentation about the immigration movement for Diversity Week. Even though the drive was 2 hours long, the experience was definitely worth it. The campus was beautiful and awesome (maybe because it’s isolated). But what I was really impressed with is the teamwork I experienced working with C4D. It just took 2 meetings in order to come up with an hour presentation that I must say, went better than expected.

My role was to motivate these college students to spark a change in their lives. To look for a good cause and be part of it because paying for a 5 digit degree is not just to hang on your wall or put on a resume. There has to be meaning behind what your study and invest in college. Hopefully I got through at least one person because of course, that is enough. More to come. 


Why Motivational Speaking? Part 1

I began motivational speaking because of my talent and passion. If you guys heard my speeches, I emphasize a lot about finding your talent and passion because that’s how I became to find something I love doing. 

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First Post: About Me

Hey Guys!

My name is Abraham Kim and I am a motivational speaker. The purpose of this blog is to exhibit my experiences and beliefs for the public so they can understand what type of motivation I give and where it comes from. To start off, I would like share a bit about my self. 

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